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For Medium: After Hurricane Maria femicides in Puerto Rico doubled
erika p. rodriguez
Jun 29, 2020
Location: Puerto Rico
In 2018, the year following Hurricane Maria, women killed by their partners in Puerto Rico doubled.

I had the opportunity to work in this important story with 
Andrea González-Ramirez, who investigated domestic violence in Puerto Rico for a year. Her reporting for GEN (by Medium) was done in partnership with Type Investigations.
In this time, at least 29 women have been fatal victims of intimate partner violence. Yomaira Hernández Martínez, 13, was set on fire by her 19-year-old boyfriend. Moesha Hiraldo Maldonado, 19, was allegedly shot by her partner, but no charges were ever brought. Thyntia M. Cruz Vélez, 27, had her throat slit by her ex-boyfriend. Annette García Arroyo, 31, was stabbed to death by her husband. Yolanda González Muñoz, 49, was shot in the head by her ex-husband in the waiting room of her psychologist’s office. Ana María Morris Colón, 60, was fatally shot by her ex-husband after he called her brother to let him know he intended to kill her."

You can read the full story here:
In Puerto Rico, an Epidemic of Domestic Violence Hides in Plain Sight
After Hurricane Maria, the number of women killed by their partners doubled

Para versión en español puede acceder aquí:

En Puerto Rico, Una Epidemia de Violencia Doméstica Se Esconde a Simple Vista
Luego del huracán María, el número de mujeres asesinadas por sus parejas se duplicó.
Sobrevivientes dicen que la respuesta desacertada del gobierno ha puesto aún más vidas en peligro.


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