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MoCP in Chicago: Behind the Lens
erika p. rodriguez
Aug 12, 2020
Location: Chicago, IL

As part of the web-based serie Behind the Lens, from the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago,  I will be sharing my work next Friday, August 14th at 1PM EST. The event is part of the group show Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance that is up at the museum.

Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance explores Puerto Rico’s contemporary history as a United States territory. The exhibition traces the continued impact of three recent major events: the enactment of the US federal law titled the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) in 2016, the US response to Hurricane María’s landfall on the island in 2017, and the mass protests in July 2019 that forced the governor's resignation.

The exhibit gathers the work of 11 Puerto Rican visual artists who have documented and explored the passing of Hurricane María, the ousting of governor Ricardo Rosselló-Nevares, and protests against the Fiscal Control Board.

You can get more information in the link below.
 Events | Museum of Contemporary Photography 

To pre-register please fill out the Zoom form below:

Erika P. Rodri­guez | Photographer

Erika P. Rodriguez is a photographer based in Puerto Rico.
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